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who we are:

We are a church that truly focuses on relationship rather than religion because we believe that was God’s intent from the beginning of the church.  We are a church made up of all kinds of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and journeys.  We are real about the issues and messes in our lives and embrace the opportunity to walk with one another on the journey.  We’re not perfect, no church is, but we are committed to learning the truths of God’s Word and living out those truths so that people around us can be affected and impacted in a loving way.  We are continuously learning how to best love and care for one another believing that everyone has a place in God’s family.  We also know that deep down everyone wants to be accepted and not judged; we all want to be a part of and belong to something greater than ourselves.  So, we open our doors and we genuinely welcome everyone who walks in.  We were all created to be in relationship with others and we hope we can help remove some of the aloness you have experienced, especially when it comes to church.  We love to have a great time learning from God’s Word, listening to great music, and simply hanging out and getting to know others.  LOVE GOD, LOVE really is that simple!

our leadership:
Neil Klein &
Kathi Klein-Office Manager 
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John & Erica Hansen

Audio Visual Leader

[email protected]

Management Team

Women's Ministry Leader

Worship Leader

[email protected]

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Mauro and Michelle Carrera

Management Team 

Streaming/Video Lead

Yolonda and Ruben Ontiveros

Management Team

Barbeque expert  


James and Stephanie Brake

Worship Team

Church Secretary/ Audio Team

Prayer Team

[email protected]

About us

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